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tv   Headline News  RT  July 5, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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dozens of detainees being force fed and fresh claims of sexual abuse by god the god tunnel they were a mass hunger strike is entering its sixth month. believe is president gathers latin american leaders to condemn what he calls us intimidation tactics treating to close a thrashing rather to close america's embassy after his jet was refused access to european as spades. and supporters of egypt's ousted president called for more protests after the all of this crowd down on the resume brotherhood leading to fears the military and islamists will plan.
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hello and welcome to r.t. twenty four hour news live from moscow by him as you know let's not go out on main story this hour the u.s. government is fighting a legal effort to stop the force feeding of hunger striking detainees at guantanamo bay lawyers for several prisoners have appealed washington court to intervene but there ministrations says federal judges have no say on what happens at the camp and they must hunger strike at the notorious u.s. military facility is now entering its sixth month nearly two thirds of the inmates have joined in the protest against alleged mistreatment and detention without trial and is the largest tried in the camps and levon yet history military doctors are force feeding forty five detainees to keep them alive the highly controversial practice has been condemned around the world but is still being defended by u.s. officials as well she's been a trick on reports. the u. one cost to the u.s.
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to stop force feeding guantanamo hunger strikers the practice is against international law and is seen by many as a form of torture and here is one thing first the guards strap the detainee down to a chair like this one then they put a mask over his face so that the detainee can't move bite or spit then the nurse snakes the feeding tube into nasal cavity the feeding tube which is roughly the size of a pens in cartridge or this or this is not an actual feeding tube but it gives you an idea and this area is very rich in nerve endings and patients report extreme pain during the procedure and the nurse pushes the tube further down the throat creating a tightness that makes breathing difficult at that point patients typically feel pressure on their chest along some say it feels like they were drowning then the staff taped the troop to the detainees nose so that they can bite
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or swallow it and then two cans of nutritional substances are being funneled through the tube now we rode to guantanamo and asked whether they use an anesthetic for this seemingly painful procedure here's the response typically not however it is available if the detainees request that most detainees prefer to use standard all of oral to lubricate the two you asked of us are trying to make it sound like it's not as bad but here is how one of the detainees a yemeni man somewhere in our g. all house on the bell describes what force feeding actually feels like i will never forget the first time they passed a feeding tube up my nose i can't describe how painful it is to be force fed this way as it was thrust it made me feel like throwing up i wanted to vomit but i couldn't there was getting in my chest throat and stomach i had never experienced such pain before i would not wish this cruel punishment upon anyone we also asked the guantanamo officials how many detainees resist the procedure and how many give
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their consent to it and he won't be. saying the majority of the detainees report compliantly and do not resist detainees are given a choice to eat a hot meal drink the liquid new trend or be enthralled fed the detainees see the choice differently take a listen. when they come to force me into the chair if i refuse to be tied up they call the e r f t so i have no choice either i can exercise my right to protest my detention and be beaten up or i can submit to painful force feeding for most people these detainees are out of sight out of mind as sudden as it is they say physical suffering is the only way to draw the world's attention to their plight we can't hear their voices but here's what they write i'm doing this because i want to know my destiny i cannot abide not knowing anymore i just hope that because of the pain we are suffering the eyes of the world will once again look to guantanamo before it is too indefinite detention is the worst form of torture respect us or kill us it's
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your choice the u.s. must take off its mask and kill us the obama administration doesn't want inmates to die but neither is it in a rush to give the detainees their lives back in washington i'm going to check on the way u.s. medical personnel trade the detainees that should ammons to malpractises that's the view of dr frank on old the regime weeks the joint task force for guantanamo has written for the cleveland of these people requires truly abusive care and also is involves the use of medicines which are dangerous they are not allowed to behave like doctors and are compelled by the military hierarchy to behave like jailers. in particular several of them have commented to me through their lawyers that when they are doctors for example to
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stop the environmental manipulation which leaves them freezing your each week you know you for various disturbance the doctor says they have no power to do it and as one of them is one of the hunger strikers what is the point of a doctor like locked. one of the detainees has written a letter to his lawyer claiming hand other inmates are being sexually assaulted by gods during full body cavity searches every time they leave and into their cells and for my good god terry hold breaks some facilities stop have been mistreating bin was in detainees to get revenge for nine eleven qur'an should be thrown in the toilet or thrown on the ground or mistreated in some other form cetera that happened often and aggressive searches of detainees person that happens well if there are motivation behind it i would say that that somewhere in the education of
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the american society we led the soldiers to believe. in abusing detainees it's going to somehow even the score for nine eleven there are soldiers in the army in the navy air force marines and cetera who think that if they kill an arab that they mistreat a muslim if they abuse a detainee it's going to somehow balance the score for nine eleven and it's really difficult to step back and realize nothing is going to bring those people back to life amid mounting public and legal pressure barack obama has appointed a new and boy in charge of closing guantanamo bay clifford sloan has already toured the prison but made no detail statements on how and when he intends to shut him down meanwhile barack obama has come under pressure fire for not using his own authority to end the notorious history of as a rino going to. as president i have tried to close gitmo i transferred sixty seven detainees to other countries before congress imposed restrictions to effectively
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prevent us from either transferring detainees to other countries or imprisoning them here in the united states. these restrictions make no sense this statement coming from the person many referred to as the most powerful man in the world may sound sincerely frustrated but many believe it has little honesty to it president obama has been blogging obvious he's been claiming that he can't do anything but that's simply not true he's operating a droll assassination program claiming he has the power to do that is present the united states and yet somehow he's claiming that he doesn't have the power to close down a military prison and he's the commander in chief of the united states armed forces it's not a bit strange they fishel and most often cited reason for not releasing prisoners even the eighty six cleared of all charges they have no place to go especially the so-called indefinite detainees terror suspects considered too dangerous to read go
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but impossible to try in either civil or military court largely because the evidence supporting claims of their terror activity has allegedly been received through torture and interrogation which cannot be used as evidence in court the very existence of these men was shrouded in secrecy with the u.s. officially revealing their identities only several weeks back after they'd been entertainment for years another sign the u.s. isn't really considering starting down the prison is the amount of money poured into get roam the jail is a record setter dubbed by some as the most expensive jail in history annual cost of the base operation runs at just over one hundred fifty million dollars it means nine hundred thousand dollars per prisoner every year eighteen times the average yearly income of an average american household the latest innovation of the base of fiber optic cable to connect it to the u.s. mainland for the sake of better internet service for military personnel stationed on cuba will set the taxpayers back another forty million should the congress
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approve it hardly sounds like a necessity if the prison was to be shut down then again there are still those who believe being held in guantanamo is tantamount to staying at a luxury resort in tropical paradise one of those is the house speaker john the mint opponent of get most closer. i don't know that there's a terrorist treated better anywhere in the world than what's happened one time and we've spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build a facility that has more comforts than a lot of americans get but those who know what this movie is like to differ well maybe they should go and try it you know they think it's such a fantastic place they should try twelve years of indefinite detention and see how much they enjoy it and perhaps force feeding and confinement i mean we know that the prison conditions in the united states which has the largest prison population in the whole world are far from ideal we see the for speeding going on at
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guantanamo bay the solitary confinement the the invasive physical searches of prisoners we have these journalists you have various other people who are allowed to visit guantanamo bay but they never meet the prisoners they never see the actual conditions that these people are being held and what the prisoners say about why she happens there's probably a lot more accurate since they've been subject to this but this wife claims that guantanamo is just sort of a vacation camp perhaps of its exotic location it remains one of the world's most notorious prisons where people are held without trial for years and the conditions are such that inmates choose to go without food for five months rather than accept the conditions they're being held in in cuba r.t. and john eisenberg is an attorney for one of the detainees being forced out of gun town about and he says the protest is a simply trying to get heard by obama who does have the authority to put an end to the crisis. they find it very painful they find it very degrading they find it humiliating. they are on hunger strike in order to express themselves and the only
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way available to them to speak out against certain definite detention many of them are being held in solitary confinement it's become increasingly difficult for them to communicate with their water so they do not want to die that's not the reason why they are under stress yes they want to be fertile they want to speak out against air force feeding and you want to be either tris or released president obama himself as a commander in chief of the united states he has the power to stop it we are hoping that he does very soon. stay with friday for special coverage of the mass hunger strike a gun tanabe which has reached its one hundred fifty day not. this is not a surprise to me that we have problems and one time during a time of budget cuts we spend one hundred fifty million dollars each year to
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imprison one hundred sixty six people did most become a symbol around the world for america the quality of the rule of law. last america has please hold a joint. probably what they call political terrorism by washington leaders met after a number of countries refused the president of believers jet access to as space it was forced to land in austria and such timid room as u.s. whistleblower edward snowden was on board latin american leaders echoed president ever moralities anger while meeting in believe in that has always made it sound as intros how an american elite rules europe that you tanian president suggested it's all but morality is plane was diverted by those who usually talk about upholding human rights ecuador's leaders the u.s. is trying to colonize the region and evill morality himself stratus that he will not hesitate to shut down the american diplomatic mission in his country.
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is that we will clearly examine it and if it's necessary we will close the u.s. embassy in bolivia we do not need the american embassy we don't need their cooperation or diplomatic relations with them while they conspire against us from within our country and from the outside my hand won't shake to close the u.s. embassy we've got dignity we've got sovereignty without the us we're better politically and democratically without the i.m.f. and world bank we're better economically so we do not need them. and policy in development specialist power of foreigners has latin american countries are revolting against what they see as the dominance of one global power. these rules of international law have been told to be. shaken. i would say since one thousand nine hundred nine on to
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a level that even among the western powers knol there is a situation where someone is more equal than on this and the possibility of a sovereign state to adopt a decision city guarding a side or protection of a certain individual. completely puts aside. to favor the major interests of the center of the imperial system which is washington in this case. and investigative reporter dave lindorff says it's notable country switched from be us out of america's readiness program to complying repulsion to. its quite astonishing to me to see how the leaders in europe germany and france and several other countries spoke out angrily at finding out that they were being spied on that their embassies were being spied on in washington that the e.u. off system selves in europe were being spied on and then all of a sudden meet with
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a wall flat out said first of all they would not grant asylum to snowden who led them to know all that and then they keep dinner on this flight that they thought was carrying snowden i think what was happening was the u.s. probably told them about a plane that had snowden on it didn't bother to tell them that it was a presidential flight. underwear closely following the reaction to goshen joe's moves across america and more to shrink the developments in the case of whistleblower edward snowden who sponsor this on going to the mosque it. was on iceland's part because he won't say form a cia employee given citizenship to save him from his legal limbo in a mosque or apple transit lounge meanwhile halo not seen just a couple of minutes before right. schools of americans mock u.s. independence day with demonstrations against the national security agency on the
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proxies over illegal searches on secret is coming up shortly.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations are old today. this is our she coming to live from moscow welcome by the ousting of the mohamed morsi a government brought more celebrations to the streets but stability is yet to fall or a day after president will stop all the armies widening its crown down shutting down pro is amiss media and arresting those close to the deposed leader his muslim brotherhood party is calling for a wave of protests on friday and she's about her reports now from cairo we had the interim president adly mansour who is the head of the constitutional court sworn in
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yesterday he made some reassuring sound to the nation that you know that he would have a as a technocratic. council to be the country he even extended a hand out to the muslim brotherhood saying they would be included in the map and the critical road map of the future however really we are seeing a seriously divided country we have the supporters of the deposed president who say they are reeling they don't understand what happened they're extremely confused they maintain the president is still the president and they are not backing down on the other hand as you know we had jubilant scenes when the president was ousted for a chance to speak over the army has you know really listened to their voice and delivered on this i mean while people are worried that the military he's troops on the streets right now are looking for power with lots of people discussing whether or not this is a military coup they're waiting to see if the military will deliver on their promise of this just being a transitional period at the moment people are very nervous they're worried about the future of egypt this huge divisions of clashes still continuing between
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supporters and opponents of the former president we don't know where the president is we've got all these arrests happening every day with t.v. channels being shut down the being pro brotherhoods so it's very very unstable really on edge here in egypt so to speak of the supporters they say they feel out loads and they feel targeted by the military and rights groups are responding to this saying. a fee that this could be a crackdown on the mr brotherhood which is something that we've seen in the past under hosni mubarak and former presidents when the group was banned this could push them underground and push them to be more violent if they feel that they really backed into a corner to really we're seeing it quite a lot of tension here in egypt with expected clashes today. egypt's foreign minister has assured u.s. secretary of state john kerry that they overthrow of mohamed morsi was not a military coup but the will of the people but won't cover sponsored columnist eric margolis doubts that saying the ousting of a legitimate leader has little to do with democratic principles. it is nothing to
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do with democracy you've seen the german elected critical overthrow. his eyes the change in the west or needers are pussyfooting around. the coup. it is not this is an old fashioned military coup the army four hundred forty thousand. has been whipped and trains were a domestic control. and the egypt police forces who are. our every move towards for being here to crush this sense street demonstrations so. it's very difficult for the brotherhood to assert itself. and log on to our website dot com to get more news updates and videos and here's all waiting for you
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there right now. you can read the story of a teenager who was not only in cuffs rage and also beaten out by his online pros find out which remarks landed him in hot water. and scientists get excited about a new out of this world discovery the existence of space where and had to r.t. dot com to learn more about that phenomena. thousands have run it across the u.s. and abroad against the and essays massive global surveillance program the restore the false movement initially emotional social networks and house quickly gained support with itself with its calls to respect the fourth amendment of the bill of rights that protect citizens against illegal searches and seizures marina porton i visited a protest in new york. on the birthday of america's independence hundreds are
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taking to the streets in new york city and throughout the country to take part in the restore the fourth rally this is a campaign that watched last month in the aftermath of edward snowden's revelations about america's spying program a program that has shocked those living in the united states and those around the world know the restore the fourth game to offer for storage the fourth bill of rights which protects us citizens from on the lawful search and seizure is the purpose of this rally organizers say is to spread awareness and spur political action against unconstitutional spying by the us government press freedom not advocates that we spoke with say that these protests are crucial because mainstream media is not adequately covering the n.s.a. leaks and their importance to everyday citizens i believe that the fourth amendment is being breached by only the government but by the police with search and seizure
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with the n.s.a. leaks and everything that's been coming out even though they say that there's laws that make everything they do legal it seems like legal gymnastics to me i voted for obama twice i donated twice but i'm tired of the expansion of these programs that seem to violate our rights it really frightens me that the director of national intelligence lied to congress and i haven't really been any repercussions we're living in the midst of the of the largest. you know on unreasonable search and seizure system we've ever seen in the history of mankind is completely suspicion list search and seizure of our information and that people should be infuriated that this crowd has marched more than kilometers down manhattan with me here at federal hall where the first congress cost the bill of rights in addition to this event more than five hundred thousand people have signed an online petition stop watching daughter demanding full disclosure of all. and i say programs now although
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this rally may be over those participating in it say that their campaign is just getting ready from new york marine up organize parties. and told and organize all that ronnie new york says current government surveillance is undermining the nagle bonnie's of america sorry for surveillance to occur however the problem with the way that it's being done now is that only unconstitutional and i would say that many will feel that way the fourth amendment says the government can search and seize any information without a warrant and although warrants can be issued through the eyes and so act they're usually done after the fact after the search has been done and they've had a almost one hundred percent for over eight. months after the fact we hope to be able to make those programs constitutional by explicitly prohibiting
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surveillance of americans without warrants backed by probably probable cause russia and china beginning joint naval drills in the sea of japan beijing says the exercises which will run for a week are the largest it has ever held with a foreign partner destroyers warships airplanes helicopters and submarines are all taking part china is a major customer for russian arms and he wants closer ties beijing has territorial disputes with several neighbors and he's concerned about washington's influence in the region. and some international news are very few right now. the syrian opposition has urged the one and western countries to intervene and provide aid to rebel held areas that they plan to trick coalition met in turkey on thursday to try and communicate to the physician wants to reassure the batteries that they can be trusted with more weapons i mean this syrian army's recent
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advances the west is considering sending norms to the conflict zone despite many fighters being al-qaeda linked islamic extremists. police in peru fired tear gas at hundreds of students and civil servants rallying against tougher laws introduce an annual assessment for government workers and university professors critics say the reform will cause jobs and jeopardize the independence of universities but the president says it will improve standards. south africa's former president nelson mandela is said to be in a critical but stable condition the anti apartheid hero has been receiving treatment for a severe lung infection and has spent almost four weeks in hospital when delhi is said to be facing impending death but doctors are denying reports the ninety four year old is in a vegetative state. and a lot of his capital riga demonstrators torched an e.u.
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flags to show their opposition to joining the euro undermanned referendum earlier this week the european parliament gave lot of their the green light to adopt the single currency in training or next chair where protesters worry that the entry to the euro zone will harm large fears strongly economy and increased unemployment and inequality. and next after this short break on to social are now the discusses tyranny and the global quest for power with a member of saudi world. as a person who lives in russia i get asked very often why automatic console fat well
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are americans actually fat or is this just a myth from some hater countries the centers for disease control have declared obesity to be a disease as it twenty point nine percent of adult americans are obese and that is an all time high people blame the sedentary lifestyle as the cause yes if you were out all day at work and then all evening after driving the home sure doesn't help your waistline but problems can have multiple causes and the authors of the book rich food poor food believe it could be tied to eight foods that are allowed in america but are banned in many other countries across the globe some of these chemicals and techniques and foods that are banned by some other countries are a less strong which is in many snack products which lower scale worries but kills your body's ability to absorb minerals brought me to flour which saves tons of time for the baker but beats up your internal organs and of course our good old friend synthetic growth hormones which are in livestock which have been linked to cancer big problems rarely have simple solution.


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